Single Conveyor Roasting Machine
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High performance by easy maintenance and powerfull mechanical structure...
Capacity (Product) kg/hour lbs/hour
Salted Sunflower Seeds 100-125 kg/hour 220-275 lbs
Salted Peanuts 150-190 kg/hour 330-418 lbs
Salted Pumpkin Seeds 100-125 kg/hour 220-275 lbs
Salted Chickpeas 165-215 kg/hour 363-606 lbs
Unsalted Peanuts 140-180 kg/hour 308-396 lbs
Almonds 150-190 kg/hour 330-418 lbs
Cashew Nuts 135-175 kg/hour 297-385 lbs
Hazelnuts 175-230 kg/hour 385-506 lbs
Pistachio 150-190 kg/hour 330-418 lbs


Technical Specifications
Total Electric Power 10,5 kW
Maximum Thermal Power 80 kW
Average Gas Consumption 4,5-9 Nm³/h
Average LPG Consumption 3,5-7,5 kg/h
Average Diesel Consumption 4,5-6,5 lt/h

Continuous roaster SVL250 is one of the best nuts roaster because of roasting system. Roasting system base on heat. It has single layer belts. Nuts Roasting Systems are very important for to have great result so SVL250 gives more flexiblty as roasting varity nuts and seeds. Such as Sunflower seeds, Hazelnuts, Pistachio, Peanuts, Cashew, Almonds, Pumking seeds and more... Uniqe Roasting, Great Result, Roasted Nuts, Modern roasting line for all kinds of nuts and seeds.

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