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Since 1940 we are in the dry fruit & nuts sector in Denizli Turkey

The first yellow roasted chickpea machinary has been designed and produced by Mr. Hasan BOYACI in 1957. In this respect the first steps in dry fruit machinary production has taken place.


In 1961, the machinary for white roasted chickpea, which was produced by manual laborship up the this time, has been designed and produced. This yellow and whine roasted chickpeas even today in the world is being produced by the some size and model of this machinary. 1954-1965 are the years when the proccess of sunflower seed and pumpkin seed started with this machinary. For the reasor to exterminate the problems of the sector, to facilliate the work and also to catch the competition level ot the world. Mr. Mehmet BOYACI in 1980 has designed and started the production of conveyor band roasting owen. There was been big demand for the conveyor band roasting owen from local annd world market because of the advantages of its product variety, capacity, depandability and its suitability to food regulation.


The importance of product and service development has been increased by the improvement of the end user's expentations. In every product produced and service given by ŞEVVAL MAKİNE has targeted to exceed the quality level of the expentations. Our techical staff closely follows the technologic developments and in accordance, needed adjustments are made papidly. Knowing the fact that in the world market competition, the succes of establisments in related fo fastet running for high quality is verified.


Our policy is to be at service of our local and abroad customers with our low cost errorless production and our improwing performance. We pas great attention to lobbor health, work safety and evirometal protection. Our aim is to provide both for our employees and sorcirty, a secure healthy job an surroundings.


We would like to invite you to our factory to see our production closely and know each for good cooperation.


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